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        A historical fiction sequel to           A Pilgrim Passing Through

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Historical Fiction- 301 Pages -Soft Cover
ISBN 978-0-9783356-2-5   $18.95 CDN/US

From the heart of a grey haired lady in a nursing home comes the thoughts of what her children would never know about her life.

The saga of the Miller Family, first introduced in "A Pilgrim Passing Through" , continues with the next generation of the family.  A Pilgrim's Daughter  follows the life of Paul and Gladys Mitchell's daughter, Alicia, from her early childhood through her young adult years.

Growing up in Toronto in the 1930's and 1940's, Alicia experiences the struggles of living through the Great Depression and the Second World War. She discovers the prosperity that follows the Depression comes with a price, as a global war rages for the second time in the 20th  century. When Victory in Europe is declared in 1945, Alicia, now a young woman in her twenties, wonders what direction her life will take in a post-depression, post-war world.

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A Pilgrim's Daughter



 Rogdah  Publishing

A historical fiction depicting the life of a British Home Child

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Historical Fiction- 238 Pages -Soft Cover
ISBN 978-0-9783356-1-8   $14.95 CDN/US

A Pilgrim Passing Through is a historical fiction book that is based on a true family history. 

In A Pilgrim Passing Through, ten-year-old Gottlob Müller travels from England to Canada as a British Home Child in the early 1900s. His life is chronicled in this book, as is that of Gladys Mitchell, a coalminer's daughter from Scotland. 

The story tells of the hardships of immigration a century ago, and of the difficulties encountered by many of the more than 100,000 child immigrants who came to Canada as British Home Children

It is a story of strength and determination; of difficulties and sacrifice. As you read you will realize what many of our ancestors encountered on their arrival in Canada.

A Pilgrim Passing Through is also a story of love, triumph, and success. As you travel on this journey with Gottlob and Gladys you will realize the contributions that our ancestors made in this country.

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A Pilgrim Passing Through